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13th International exhibition

The handmade carpet of Iran has many types. The variety in the production method, size, sex, quality, elegance, ness, and variegated patterns, colors and apparent and structural differences have all contributed to the fact that Iran handmade carpets have special products that each have a certain name.

13th International exhibition

In this article, an attempt has been made to determine the types of handmade carpets in Iran based on a general classification as follows. In terms of metathe style, urban carpet means a carpet weave in cities.


In terms of local style

Urban carpet: a carpet woven in cities. The urban marble carpet, which is woven by a weaver, is elegant, and its number is high and has a special design and layout. Carpet weaving in the cities was further expanded during the Safavids by the establishment of large carpet workshops in Isfahan and Tabriz.

Rural Carpet: A carpet that is simple and primitive in the villages. Rural carpets are often woven without a map (subjective weave). Cutting these carpets is small, half and half, back, side and vault. Rural carpets have been featured in terms of layout and composition, but now they have been unevenly affected by market production and are in danger of being destroyed.

Nomad rug: Native and elitist carpets like rustic carpets are simple and primitive with motifs derived from the environment and life of the Illyans. Ili carpets are available in small sizes in a crunchy style. The sidewalks of the Ili carpet have a complex texture that is often attached at short intervals to the woolen tassels. Nambrian carpets are made of goblet, linen, tablecloths, napkins, bed linen and back.

In terms of texture: in the texture of a variety of handmade carpets, in terms of texture and the position of the warp, the following three methods are used:

Rolled carpet: the carpet with a knot at the back of the carpet is 90 degrees and the grooves behind the carpet are deep. Also the warps are not spaced apart and its texture is tight.

Semi-coil carpet: In this type of carpet, the knot arc behind the carpet is 45 degrees.

Lola Carpet (Flat): In this type of carpet, the warps are as far apart as one thread diameter. The flat texture is a teak and is woven in a wicker style, that is, in each ridge, it is fluttered and the warps are seen in the middle of the carpet.


In terms of carpet


Wool carpet: A carpet that is made of wool.

The carpet of all the wool is a carpet that is made of wool and wool.

Wool Carpet: A carpet that is only woolen from woolen yarn.

Carpet Carpet: A carpet that is made of pepper (cream) from goat's hair.

Silk carpet: A carpet that is made of silk.

Silk Rattler: A carpet that is only a tear of silk.

Silk Rug: A carpet that is part of the flowers and decorative things of the carpet is silk. Silk Floor Carpet: A carpet with the floor of which is woven with silk curtains.

The carpet of all silk is a carpet that is made of silk and lace.

Carpet: A precious carpet that is woven from gold and silver.

Suffuard carpet: a precious carpet with highlights and gold and silver pearls in the Glymbaf area.

In terms of geometric shape: handmade carpet tufts in a wide and wide-shaped tied to rectangular, square, circular, and ellipse shapes, and in spherical shape (volumes), in the form of flowers, jugs, pots, samovars , Korea, Universe, Kaaba House and so on.

In terms of the size of the carpet: the carpet is woven in different sizes, each with its own name. The types of handmade carpets in size (from the smallest to the largest ones respectively) are as follows:

Gullies: There is a dormitory and a gateway to spread out at the foot or at the door of the room.

Its size is very small and at the entrance to the room. Usually this size is 40 x 30 cm. Kerman and Sarab are the halls where they are covered with tiled and porch.

Prospect: The outlook is larger than the crescent and less than one square meter. This carpet is fitted with walls, with the roles of nature and flowers and plants. Tabriz, Kashan and Kerman are the places where these outlook are based.

Back: The back cover is woven in a carpet, and inside it, the cloud or straw shed. Recently, the use of back drops has become commonplace. This type of carpet is 60x60x60 or 60x80 or 90x60cm. It is usually woven in Turkmen Desert and Hamadan. The back of the rural tissue is woven with the number 20.

ROBBELLI: ROBBELLI is a fringe for couch cover. The Astan Quds Razavi Carpet Company has been manufacturing and fabricating fabric in recent years. One of the products of Kerman is Rombli.

Saddlery: Saddlery is a fringe to throw on the back of the horse. The glory of Shahsun and Qashqai tribes are famous.

Hearst: A pink wood-framed wood with a long, low-lasting length of approximately 70 × 90 cm.

Zero and half: The carpet is usually at a size of 1/50 meters, which does not have a constant width. The tissues are found in most tissues of the body.

Two-colored: The carpet is larger than half a pixel and is cut to a maximum of 1.20 × 2 m, and its width and length lengthens.

Sedi: Or al-Qamazi is woven with al-Mahdi's plan to perform a prayer worship. The size of this carpet is the same two.

Rug: Carpet rug is very common and well known and smaller than carpet. The size of the rug is variable, but typically is 143 x 208 cm.

Famous Rugs in Iran: In Iran, the name of the famous rug is as follows:

Balochi Rug (Balochi Khorasan)

Qashqai Rug (Rocks Turk Shiraz or Mecca Shirazi)

Bakhtiari rug (called Bakhtiari rug)

Afshar carpet (Afshar-e-kerman)

Bukhara Raya (with the Turkmen Acal Plan in Turkmen Sahra)

Timur Rugs (Timuran Khorasan)

Balochi Rug of Zabul

Rug of Zanjan

Rose Sana (Sanandaj)

Larry Rugs (Boyer Ahmad & Tokkiloyeh)

Arabic carpet (Tabas and Ferdos)

Boul Verdi Rug (Fars)

You made a rug

Mitsali Rug (south of Zanjan) This is a bad road.

Many other rugs that are known as their texture zones, including the silk rugs of Qom, the rug of sarouq, etc. Some dimensions of the rug are: 1 × 0.7 × 2, 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.80 × 2.2 × 1.4 meters

Curtain: A kind of rug, very rosy, most of which is silk, is woven in sizes of 143 x 8 x 20 cm, 8.2 x 1.8 mm, 1.5 m x 2.5 m, and 1 x 1.5 m.

Sidewalks, Golki and the carpet: These are all three types of carpets are larger than rugs and smaller than rugs. Earlier, they used these carpets to cover the room and the carpet in the room. To cover the main surface of the room, from the carpet and to the top of the floor, they were used by the master and for the level of the two sides of the floor. If there remained room left in the room, they would use the carpet that was located between the two sides. Although this custom is not common today, the sidewall is still a customer and often expands in corridors. However, the sidewall is between 2/30 to 6 meters long and 75 to 110 cm wide. The faces of Ardebil, Sarab, Harris, Hamedan and Meyme are well known.

Gabbay: A kind of velvet handmade carpet with a long fluff and blueness of goat's hair, made from wool, and numerous nails that sometimes come in ten coats. Gabbeh's size is larger than a rug and is made up of smaller rugs. The mental body design and its geometric shapes. The Milky Gothic of Eilat Qashqai, Bakhtiari, and Larry is famous worldwide. In recent years, Gabbe texture has increased and in addition to Fars, it is also woven in some other provinces.

Carpet: The most famous handmade carpet is Iran. The sizes of the carpet are different. The discontinuance of this woven bag varies in dimensions of 2 × 3, 4 × 3, 4 × 6, 4 × 7, 8.4 × 8/7, 20 m 2 or more.

Usually, cream is a carpet of wool. Carpets of every place are called the same place, but some carpets are not called the place of texture, such as carpet Mir (Saraband), Mahal carpet (Farahan), Barber carpet (Birjand), Herat carpet (Qaynat) and several other carpets.

Today, very large rugs are woven. For example, carpet carpet with an area of ​​4343 square meters, of which 600 weavers have worked on it. This is Ben's carpet

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