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Royal Gold Carpet

The Royal Gold Carpet Co., with more than thirty years of brilliance and successful management experience in the carpet industry, is proud to be the most eye-catching carpet with the most up-to-date machinery and the world's most advanced materials. It provides a machine in accordance with the international standard and is one of the industry's leading producers in the field of manufacturing and exporting.

Customer satisfaction has always been the hallmark of the Royal Gold Carpet Co., and now, with the unveiling of unparalleled design with unique design and color palette, the variety of color palettes has been able to maintain the authenticity of the Iranian carpet has modern and modern style and brought to a variety of tastes Producing valuable products.

The management of the Royal Gold Carpet Company has been able to congratulate professionals in this field for many years, with numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

1200 pcs of shoulder carpets, 3600 flowers (hyblack), 1000 knitting needles, 3,000 and 700 shoulder blades with the highest quality, elegantly captivating with handmade carpets, product updates, domestic markets and export and customer upgrades. Orbital is the main goal of the Royal Gold Carpet Company.

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